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Sleeping With The Window Open

Sleeping With The Window Open takes its inspiration from the rich nocturnal soundscapes that await outside an open window in those hours between dusk and dawn.  Available for download at and as an audio CD at

Sleeping With The Window Open was featured on Rebekkah Hillgraves' excellent At Water's Edge online radio show on and has been made available as a podcast you can listen to or download here.

"Hushed drones, light industrial touches, and slow-moving beats come together to capture musician Mark Cotton’s memories of Sleeping With the Window Open in his rural town as a boy. That inadvertent blend of sounds coursing through the darkness, from the natural to the mechanical, the close and the distant, manifests itself in these nine tracks in a slowly enveloping mist. Rich with low-end sounds and an excellent depth of small detail, the work here is as effective as a “surface” listen as it is when you take the time to go deep. You will become immersed either way." - John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

Read the full review at Hypnagogue

Glimmer by Another Neglected Hobby

Glimmer is an ambient exploration of visible light, inspired by the photons through which we perceive everything we see, and the journey these photons take, from their source, through space, sometimes bouncing off of objects they meet along the way as they make their way to our eye to stimulate the optic nerve which leads to our brains.

Glimmer is available as an audio CD at or for download in a variety of formats at 

Sojourn is a journey into sound which includes field recordings made in Venice, Italy, found noises and radio samples and includes parts that were recorded while in transit over the Atlantic at 35,000 feet.

Sojourn is available as an audio CD at or for download in a variety of formats at

Deep End of the Night Sky is an exploration of sound that takes the listener on a journey through the infinite depths of the cosmos where distance and time take on a scale the human mind finds difficult to grasp.

Imagine yourself on a comfortable lawn recliner on a warm summer night with an immense blanket of stars and planets stretched overhead. Allow your eyes to travel deep into the blackness between the pinpoints of light and imagine the mysteries that await.

The inspiration for this recording comes from the beauty of such a night sky and the immeasurable depths of space. I wanted to try to capture the feeling of awe that awaits each person when they take the time to ponder the stars and attempt to understand the vastness of what they see before their eyes. I also wanted to create a soundtrack to use while watching the movement of the stars and planets across Earth’s night sky.

"Deep End… is a big piece of work, packing a real sense of vastness and celestial beauty. Cotton spins his tale with practiced patience and a real ear for harmony. This is most certainly a disc to loop, as the journey melds end-to-end with ease and it’s likely you won’t want it to end." - John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

Read the full review at Hypnagogue.

Deep End of the Night Sky is available as an audio CD at or for download in a variety of formats at

Chaco Equinox Elements Two: Feathers and Pollen

Another Neglected Hobby

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